12Mar 2018
The RIdout Report. Windy Dandelions.

According to HSJ, at the end of February there was a strong suggestion that the NHS could seek to effect a saving by discharging patients into private domestic accommodation provided by property owners with no care qualifications. There is said to be a safeguarding concern; what a surprise! On the face of it swapping NHS […]

02Mar 2018
The RIdout Report. RedMarble

The requirement for a multi-disciplinary care and support package to meet any service user’s assessed needs is the focal point of all provider-service user interactions within the health and social care sector. It was the introduction of the Care Act 2014, and its ‘no decision about me without me’ principles, which focused the sector on […]

20Feb 2018
The RIdout Report. GreenFlower

  To launch an effective challenge, providers must understand the parameters of the process itself. With CQC draft inspection reports, challenges should be made through the factual accuracy process, through which the provider has ten working days to submit a response from the date of receipt. It is important to note that CQC factual accuracy […]