06Nov 2017
The RIdout Report. RedMarble

Our service is undergoing many changes after being recommissioned and we haven’t enough hours in the day. We are very short staffed and a CQC inspection is the last thing we need – we haven’t even time to complete the paperwork. Are we legally obliged to comply with the CQC’s timescale? The short answer is […]

03Nov 2017
The RIdout Report. Ice Frozen

How do I manage the relative from hell? You’ve all had one!  Turns up at antisocial hours!  Interferes in care; upsets the staff; makes constant complaints without basis; instructs care changes against professional advice. These are difficult problems and need firm and fair handling. Make sure you document any event- facts, times and dates (use […]

01Nov 2017
The RIdout Report. Spiderweb

Between 1995 and 1997 I was engaged in working on 2 hospital PFI schemes.  Both went on to complete – one harshly held back by the purdah period that preceded Tony Blair’s first Labour administration. In a sense this was a tall order, an initiative that linked Private Finance with Public Health (the NHS) was […]

15Oct 2017
The RIdout Report. LeafPatern

Advocacy and CQC Compliance It is important that service users in a care setting know about their rights and can stand up for them. Many people, especially those that are older or vulnerable, will require the assistance of an advocate to realise their rights and to ensure they can access the care and support services […]

13Oct 2017
The RIdout Report. Spider water drop

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust has become the sixth health and social care provider and the first NHS Trust to be prosecuted by the Care Quality Commission (“CQC”) for failure to provide safe care and treatment.  On 12 October 2017 the Trust was sentenced, and a fine of £125,000 was handed down (the Court’s starting […]