07Jun 2017

By 2025 the number of people over the age of 65 who will need care could rise by 25 per cent to 2.8m in England and Wales. This could result in more people with disabilities such as dementia. The Lancet Public Health journal published research which showed the number of people living into old age […]

05Jun 2017
The Ridout Report. Green swirl grass image.

The provision of activities in care homes has long been on CQC’s radar.  With the ever-increasing focus on person-centred care provision, it is more important than ever that providers take appropriate steps to ensure person-centred activities are provided to their residents on a daily basis. Whilst it is not explicitly mentioned in the Regulations, the […]

05Jun 2017
The RIdout Report. Windy Dandelions.

In March, the Law Commission delivered its final recommendations on reforming the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs) system. This came after the Commission concluded the current system was “in crisis” and needed to be replaced “as a matter of pressing urgency”. The name being suggested for the reformed system is “Liberty Protection Safeguards”. Understandably, providers […]

01Jun 2017
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Earlier this month five local clinical commissioning groups considered the idea of restricting an autism diagnosis to only the most severe cases. Nothing has been decided yet, but the National Autistic Society says it is “deeply concerned” about the plans. The local CCGs cover Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Wandsworth and Sutton. The National Autistic Society has […]

22May 2017
The RIdout Report. Windy Dandelions.

Theresa May had promised, in her manifesto, that older people will not receive a cap on their social care costs but those with as much as £100,00 in savings and assets will no longer be required to pay for their social care. As it stands, care home residents with savings and assets (including the value […]