18Aug 2017
The RIdout Report. Spiderweb

A study completed by Newcastle University and published in the Lancet has found that the amount of time spent needing daily care at the end of life has doubled in England over the past two decades. It found that men spent 2.4 years on average needing regular care and women three years. Between 1991 and […]

16Aug 2017
The RIdout Report. Ice Frozen

NHS England has announced it plans to retain an expected £120m, to act as a commissioner contribution to the system risk reserve. Paul Baumann, chief financial officer for NHS England, justified this decision by stating there was a ‘clearly demonstrated’ need for a risk reserve following the tight financial situation last year. The unexpected influx […]

18Jul 2017
The RIdout Report. GreenFlower

NHS England has announced that ambulances will now be expected to reach severely ill patients in an average time of seven minutes. 999 calls will now be put into four different categories according to their severity. These four categories will be people with life- threatening illnesses or injuries, emergency calls, urgent calls and less urgent […]

14Jul 2017
The RIdout Report. Windy Dandelions.

A recent study by The National Dementia Audit has found that hospitals in England and Wales have taken steps to improve dementia care, with over two-thirds of carers rating care as excellent or good. Despite this, the study showed that staff said they were not always able to access specialist dementia support. The study also […]

10Jul 2017
The RIdout Report. RedMarble

By 2040 more than 1.2 million people with be living with dementia in England and Wales. A study predicts this is an increase of 57 per cent from 2016. The study, based at University College London and the University of Liverpool, set out to predict the future impact of dementia by developing a mathematical model […]