13Mar 2018

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, delivered his Spring Statement earlier today. Whilst announcing that the economy has grown every year since 2010, his speech failed to install any hope into the care sector. There were calls from his own party, alongside Labour, to use the extra cash from tax receipts to ease pressure on cash-strapped councils […]

12Mar 2018
The RIdout Report. Ice Frozen

To ensure patients get dignified and compassionate health care, new guidance has been drawn up for staff caring for transgender people with dementia, in North Wales. There has been a three-fold increase in people referring for gender identity treatment since 2014. Last year, 75 people from Wales were referred for the treatment. Margaret Hanson, vice […]

09Mar 2018
The RIdout Report. Flower.

The Department of Health & Social Care will be working to improve the handling of care home feedback across the adult social care sector. The Government has said people should be ‘aware of bodies outside care homes’ that can assist with feedback and complaints. Working alongside the ‘Complaints Improvement Partnership for health and social care’ […]

05Mar 2018
The RIdout Report. Ice Frozen

Ridouts has added to its ability to offer a one stop shop service for health and social care providers, delivering advice from the outset to conclusion of a case, after Errol Archer gained his Higher Rights of Audience Advocacy qualification. Errol undertakes work in health and safety  prosecutions, inquests and hearings at the First Tier (Care Standards) […]

28Feb 2018
The RIdout Report. TreeStump

According to the annual British Social Attitudes survey, public satisfaction with GP services has fallen to its lowest level since records began in 1983. The main reasons for the dissatisfaction with the overall service are staff shortages, long waiting times, lack of funding and government reforms. These reasons are hardly surprising and reinforce what we […]