A time for change at CQC

Topics covered: CQC, CQC enforcement, CQC inspection, Ridouts News

As David Behan prepares to depart his position as Chief Executive of the CQC this is a good opportunity to consider the impact that he has had on the health and social care sector.

Having inherited an organisation on the brink of destruction, thanks to the mismanagement of Cynthia Bower and the effects of the Mid-Staffs scandal, David has miraculously managed to steady the ship.

The result was a more aggressive organisation with an appetite for enforcement action. Providers suffered, many times without proper justification, and businesses have no doubt been affected.

We have been busier than ever supporting clients through these last few years of CQC’s increased activity.

It’s time for a change and we await the installation of his replacement, former police officer Ian Trenholm and hope for a regulator with more of a focus on fairness and proper observation of the legal framework which controls the sector.

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