ADASS revises DoLS forms

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In response to a government-commissioned review, the Association of Directors and Adult Social Services (ADASS), has consolidated the number of forms professionals need to complete when applying for DoLS authorisations.

The paperwork has been condensed to 13 forms compared to the previous 32 forms to rid the process of unnecessary paperwork. ADASS states that the reduction in the number of forms has not compromised the necessary quality of the forms required.

The reduction in forms is intended to assist in reducing the delay currently being faced when applying for DoLS authorisations. Following the decision in the Supreme Court case of Cheshire West last year which reduced the threshold for DoLS requirements, referrals have increased nine-fold and DoLS teams have struggled to carry out assessments within the statutory timescales.

Lorraine Currie, The project lead for ADASS, has stated “Reducing the forms from 32 to 13 was not an easy task. Some elements of the forms are dictated by regulations and can’t change. Others seem particularly unnecessary. There are some situations still not really covered by a form and these will be addressed in the guidance which will accompany the forms.

“The team have added some forms which didn’t previously exist, a “No Deprivation” form in particular. During consultation some people asked why this was necessary. This form has been used in the West Midlands for the last few years and it is very popular with best interests assessors and speeds up the process. There is a new form for a further request for authorisation which is very popular with Managing Authorities. There is also a new form to notify the Coroner of a death.

“We are confident that this revision of the forms will play a small part in speeding up the processing of DoLS authorisations without losing necessary quality.”

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