Adult Safeguarding and Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) Investigations

Whilst providing health and social care services, Providers will have the need to make safeguarding referrals to the host local authority and may find that other parties also make referrals and allegations.

Investigations can lead to embargoes being imposed, large scale investigations being invoked and service users being reassessed and sometimes moved. Contracts can be cancelled. Investigations can be disruptive, drain morale and leave services financially vulnerable.

A Section 42 Safeguarding Enquiry can lead to difficult, protracted and opaque safeguarding investigations being initiated by the local authority. Health and social care providers are often summonsed to meetings at short notice with little or no agenda, only to face a room filled with numerous stakeholders and a set of allegations not previously shared with them, leaving the provider feeling blindsided.

Without adequate legal representation, health and social care providers can find themselves subject to investigations which can be fundamentally unfair with incorrect conclusions drawn and which can lead to devastating consequences. Even if the final findings demonstrate that there is no basis for the allegation, reputations can be damaged in the meantime.

Ridouts’ team of specialist lawyers frequently advises providers facing safeguarding investigations. Our clients frequently comment that our attendance at meetings softens the aggression they often face at case conferences.  We can assist by:

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