Cancellation, Suspension, or Variation of Conditions of registration

Ofsted has extensive enforcement powers which, if exercised, can have a major impact on a providers’ registration.  These powers can be taken on notice or, if urgent, on an emergency basis.

Ofsted can serve a:

Notice of Proposal (NOP) to:

Ridouts can help you to draft representations to the NOP setting out why the proposed action should not be taken.

Notice of Decision (NOD) to:

Ridouts can help you to appeal the NOD to the First-Tier (Care Standards) Tribunal.

Magistrates’ Court Order:

Ridouts can help you to appeal the order to the First-Tier (Care Standards) Tribunal.

Such action can be highly damaging, reputations can be tarnished, providers can be prosecuted for failing to comply with conditions of registration and businesses can be lost.

Ridouts can work with you to build a robust response to these types of action.

Disqualification Legislation 

Cancellation of a children’s home registration also triggers related disqualification legislation. Such legislation can prevent those who have had their registration cancelled and relevant persons connected to a cancellation from being involved in a children’s home (and other services) in the future. 

Ridouts can help you by: 


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