Care homes which champion human rights more likely to be rated outstanding, says CQC

Topics covered: Ridouts professional advice

CQC claims that care homes which champion equality and human rights are more likely to be rated outstanding in their inspection reports. CQC have said there is a clear link between how well a provider treats its staff and residents in respect of human rights and treating them equally and its quality of care.

Overall, CQC have found the below common themes in homes rated with outstanding: –

• Making sure staff are engaged and well supported with supervision, discussions at staff meetings and development sessions;
• Managers not asking staff to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves;
• Staff are all aware of human rights topics such as DoLs, confidentiality and duty of candour;
• Awareness of human rights principles, such as dignity and autonomy.

The CQC equality and human rights best practice resource can be found here: –

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