Care Sector employers seeking to provide jobs to the people of Ukraine

Topics covered: adult social care, employment crisis, recuitment, Ukraine

Adult social care sector employers are working together to explore the possibility of providing employment opportunities for the people of Ukraine who are fleeing the conflict. The National Care Forum (“NCF”) along with the Care Provider Alliance (“CPA”) are liaising with a range of partners to identify which roles in the care sector need filling.

Vic Rayner CEO of the NCF said,

“Like many people affected by the plight of the people of Ukraine, care employers are pulling together to take action to help. The ideas are progressing at pace, and there is a strong desire to do something meaningful to help the people of Ukraine.”

There remains certain logistics that would need to be resolved first. These are mainly the regulatory requirements such as the right to work entitlement, and safeguarding. In addition, Vic Rayner has reiterated that the Government will need to work at the same pace alongside adult social care employers.

There is collaboration between the NCF and partners in the adult social care sector to engage and provide a solution at this moment of crisis. Speaking at the Future of Care conference last month, the CEO of CareTech Foundation Jonathan Freeman outlined how the adult social care sector should look to engage with 374,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. As a result, the CareTech Foundation is working with the charity Breaking Barriers to create and enable employment opportunities in social care for refugees.

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