Challenging Regulator Prosecutions

In some cases, CQC or regulatory action can take the form of criminal prosecutions with the risk of substantial fines, reputation damaging publicity and sometimes even imprisonment.

Regulator prosecutions, and even threatened prosecutions will affect commissioners, service users, bankers, investors and future regulation. In regulatory prosecutions there is also an increasing ability to “pierce the corporate veil” and attack individuals in corporate management directly. Health and social care providers must be mindful of this, as it can lead to further complications.

Ridouts team of specialist lawyers can help guide you through the prosecution process. No admission should be made for expedience without the most careful consideration.

As a health and social care business, being faced with a regulator prosecution can be highly stressful, disruptive and confusing. Careful steps must be taken to ensure that your case is put forward clearly and strongly for the best chance of success and reputation protection, and our team is on-hand to give you the advice and support you need to do so.

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