Whether you run a children’s home, a special school, or fostering agency you are subject to regulation.  Ofsted and/or the Department for Education can take action against a provider if they believe they are not complying with relevant regulation.

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Applications for Registration

Our team of specialist lawyers can make sure that the registration process with your regulator is as seamless as possible.
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Cancellation, Suspension, or Variation of Conditions of registration

Ofsted has extensive enforcement powers which, if exercised, can have a major impact on a providers’ registration.
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Compliance Notices

Compliance Notices are issued when Ofsted believes that a registered person is failing or has failed to comply with a legal requirement.
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Inspections and Factual Accuracy Comments

Services can suffer reputational, staffing and financial damage as a result of an inaccurate inspection report.
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Sometimes an inquest will be held following the death of a child or young person in care. There are conclusions and language used that may have a negative impact on your service, including findings of neglect.
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Local Authority Designated Officer Investigations

Providers may find themselves involved in safeguarding investigations. They can lead to embargoes and young people and children being removed from the service.
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Regulatory Due Diligence

Ridouts is well placed to offer a health and social care regulatory due diligence service which will add value to any acquisition or divestment
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Restriction of Accommodation Notice

A Restriction of Accommodation Notice can be issued by Ofsted where it believes that a child, young person or adult may be at risk of harm if there are further admissions.
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Serious Case Reviews

If a child is harmed or dies in your care as a result of suspected abuse or neglect then you can find yourself under the spot light of multiple interested parties.
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