Contractual & Fee Disputes

Tightening public sector budgets in the UK has led to attempts by many departments to try and save money at the expense of health and social care providers, as well as the disproportionate division of contracts between suppliers. The Care Quality Commission and other related regulators are increasingly carrying out their own contract monitoring which duplicates other regulators’ functions.

This is often carried out in a way which is disproportionate and can lead to cancellations of contracts and the removal of residents. Safeguarding investigations can lead to contracts being cancelled too. Local authority action can influence steps that are taken by CQC and vice-versa so it’s important that providers fight on all fronts to protect their businesses against multi-stakeholder action.

Ridouts has been successful at challenging commissioners’ attempts to reduce fees without the agreement of health and social care providers as well as obtaining fee increases through analysis of the commissioning contracts.

Services include:

Whether you need to challenge the findings of contract monitoring reports, cancellations or the removal of service users, The Ridouts team of specialist health and social care lawyers can provide correspondence and litigation services, as well as helping residents to find their own legal representation where necessary.

With the Ridouts team, you can rest assured that we will challenge any attempted reduction of your fees or contracts without your agreement, securing your place and sector authority.

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