CQC discuss publication Equally Outstanding a year on

Topics covered: Ridouts professional advice

Last autumn CQC published Equally Outstanding, a resource which shows how a focus on equality and human rights can improve care quality, even in times of financial restraint. A year on, CQC have updated the publication with a new e-learning module, extra case studies from outstanding providers and an updated pdf version based on feedback.

CQC say these resources will help providers to:-

  • understand the different reasons why a focus on equality and human rights can improve care quality
  • make the case for equality and human rights in quality improvement work
  • learn from providers who have worked on equality and human rights to deliver outstanding care
  • reflect on the common success factors in outstanding providers using equality and human rights to improve care
  • think about how a focus on equality and human rights can help meet challenges in times of financial constraint

A link to the most recent publication can be found here – https://www.cqc.org.uk/sites/default/files/20181010_equally_outstanding_ehr_resource_nov18.pdf

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