CQC inspectors shadowing GP practices

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According to Pulse, CQC inspectors have begun shadowing practice managers to gain ‘hands-on’ experience of GP practices following concerns over their level of training.

CQC has said that the shadowing is part of the robust training regime for new CQC inspectors and will also be offered as a‘learning and development opportunity’ for all existing inspectors.

A CQC spokesperson said: ‘All professionals require an opportunity to further their professional development. An inspector of primary care services needs to keep abreast of improvements and innovations within general practice – what better way to achieve this than by spending time with the people who meet these challenges every day?’

The new GP inspection regime is currently being trialled before it becomes official in October 2014. Inspection teams will include a GP, a specialist inspector and a nurse or practice manager.

Professor Steve Field, the CQC’s chief inspector of general practice said that the shadowing scheme was at an early stage of development. He said: ‘This is the start of a programme – we want to see how it goes, so we’re trying it out in a few areas. This is a pilot and we’re still learning – our philosophy is about improvement. We want all of our inspectors to understand the context of what they’re expecting and that it’s difficult in general practice at the moment. As time goes on, they’ll see some outstanding practices and initiatives in general practice. This is all about improving our service. It is one of a number of initatives we’re trying out. We’re also meeting regularly with LMCs, and now we have our four regional medical advisors in post, their top priority is to meet with LMCs, local patients groups and college faculties.’

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