CQC introduces General Practice Pilot

The CQC is undertaking pilot with General Practices. The CQC will be piloting the use of an assessment and monitoring approach with a small number of General Practice services, giving the CQC an opportunity to gather evidence from Providers.

The pilot will be focused on areas of risk and will only be used where the CQC has assessed there are potential risks to patients or existing breaches of regulation and for practices currently in special measures.

Things to note:

  • The pilot assessment/monitoring is not an inspection and therefore will not result in a rating.
  • Participation is voluntary and practices will be informed of the implications of taking part.
  • The pilot will be conducted without the CQC ‘crossing the threshold’, including the CQC digitally accessing clinical records for assessment where needed.

Practices that the CQC has shortlisted will be contacted over the next few weeks with further information about the pilot, including the safeguards that the CQC will employ to ensure the right level of information security.

Based on Dr Benneyworth’s blog, it appears that the pilot is aimed at improving the CQC’s options to gather information from Providers and identifying ways in which the CQC can be more flexible and responsive in the way they regulate so they do not stifle innovation that has emerged as a result of the pandemic.

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