CQC launches Statement of Involvement

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CQC have today officially launched its statement of involvement.  The statement outlines how they will involve the public, people using services, their families and carers in their work.  CQC are required to publish such a statement under the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

This morning CQC live streamed the launch of its statement with the three Chief Inspectors pledging their commitment to using members of the public in all aspects of CQC’s inspection work.

The statement and subsequent action plan take into account lessons learned from the issues surrounding Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and Winterbourne View.  CQC state they will ensure they listen to people who use services, ensuring their views are understood, treated with compassion and acted upon if required.

The statement and action plan explain CQC‘s priorities for the next three years, these include:

  • Involving a wide range of people who use services and the local community.  This includes involvement in the development of new fundamental standards, a new rating system and new ways of inspecting services.
  • Working in partnership with local people through local representatives and local community groups.  This will include working with various complaints groups who gather information about poor care – the information will be used to help with future inspections.
  • Working with Healthwatch England to coordinate information sharing, with a close partnership at a local level.
  • Making every voice count during inspections and visits under the Mental Health Act.  One way of achieving this is with the use of Experts by Experience.
  • Increasing public understanding of what CQC do and its findings with a focus on improving awareness.  One way CQC will deliver this action is through the development of ratings for services, allowing comparisons to be made.  CQC will also search for both positive and negative comments about services using social media to inform its views of a service.
  • From registration onwards, CQC intend to ensure providers listen to people and act on what they tell them.
  • Supporting CQC staff to work with people who use services to improve CQC’s programmes for developing staff.

CQC will report on its progress with these objectives through its Annual Report and Accounts.

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