CQC launches web guidance for the provision of culturally appropriate care

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CQC has launched a new online resource for providers to access guidance on the provision of culturally appropriate care. CQC’s press release on its website stated that, Holistic, person-centred care has always been important, but during the Coronavirus pandemic it has become even more critical that we are all aware of culturally appropriate care.”

CQC’s online resource contains guidance in relation to the following areas:

  • Why culturally appropriate adult social care is more important during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • How culturally appropriate care is relevant to the regulations and our key questions
  • Key points for everyone working in adult social care
  • More key points for registered managers
  • More key points for senior staff and keyworkers
  • More key points for care staff
  • Examples of culturally appropriate care
  • Cultural values

CQC describes culturally appropriate care as, “…being sensitive to people’s cultural identity or heritage. It means being alert and responsive to people’s beliefs or conventions that might be determined by a person’s culture.”

Kate Terroni, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at CQC said:

“It is essential that we highlight the need for culturally appropriate care in Adult Social Care settings. So many people have suffered heart-breaking separation from family and loved ones as they have been unable to spend time together in person for a prolonged period of time This has had an especially significant impact on people who live in care settings but find that those around them don’t understand their culture and may make assumptions which are not correct or appropriate.

Everyone is part of a culture. People need their culture to be recognised and their cultural needs met to feel happy and comfortable. But some people’s cultural needs are more likely to be met because they are closer to cultural norms in the service. That is why we are providing this resource to support providers in order to meet these needs and maintain high quality care for everyone.”

The Regulations

CQC’s guidance states that culturally appropriate care is relevant to the following regulations:

  • Regulation 9 – Person-centred care
  • Regulation 10 – Dignity and respect
  • Regulation 11 – Need for consent

CQC’s 5 Key Questions

CQC’s guidance also sets out how culturally appropriate care is relevant to the following key questions:

  1. Is the service Safe?
  2. Is the service Effective?
  3. Is the service Caring?
  4. Is the service Responsive?
  5. Is the service Well-led?

For further information, CQC’s online resource can be accessed at the following link:



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