CQC publish new equality objectives for 2017-19

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CQC, as obliged under the Equalities Act 2010, has published its new objectives for equality for the next two years.  The five objectives identified by CQC and their headline points are listed below:

  1. Person centred care and equality
  • CQC intend to ensure that the correct leadership is in place to realise the ambition of delivering person-centred care. CQC aims to be more inclusive and engage more with those individuals who appear to interact less with the care community. It follows that those individuals are more likely to experience poorer health outcomes.
  • An additional question will be added to the PIR for all sectors on person-centred care and equality by October 2018
  • The initial focus for year 1 will be on LGBT people who use adult social care and mental health inpatients services, people with dementia in acute hospitals and older BME people using GPs. The second year will review progress to allow CQC to refocus its efforts.
  1. Accessible information and communication
  • CQC will continue to assess how well providers meet the Accessible Information Standard which is designed to ensure that those with a disability are given the necessary information required to make an informed decision.
  • By October 2017 all inspection reports will include how providers are applying the standard.
  1. Equality and the well-led provider
  • The equality aspects of the well-led key question will continue to hold a prominent role within inspections of services.
  • From April 2017 inspectors will be supported to focus on the equality aspects of the well-led question which have been developed through the news KLOEs.
  • By October 2018 all inspection reports for providers will include equality under the well-led key question.
  1. Equal access to pathways of care
  • CQC is committed to ensuring that people are provided with the same access to different care services.
  • By March 2019 inspectors will look at how access is provided to allow groups which historically have found it difficult to access care are supported by providers.
  1. Continue to improve equality of opportunity for our staff and those seeking to join CQC
  • CQC is committed to ensure that its workforce reflects the equality standards that are requested of the providers it regulates.
  • ‘Our Equality and Inclusion Journey- the Road to 2021’ sets out CQC’s strategy to ensure that diversity, fairness and flexibility are at the heart of its operations going forward (the consultation on this closed last week).
  • CQC will continually assess its performance against key diversity-related frameworks.


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