CQC release Mental Health Act Annual Report

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Further to their Mental Health Act Annual Report, the CQC have reported that they believe Mental Health Services must do more to improve the care they provide to patients in hospitals by ensuring that it is based on their individual needs.

The Act covers the law which determines when a person with a mental disorder may be either treated within their community under a community treatment order (CTO) or detained and treated in hospital against their wishes.

The report revealed that:

  • 15% of people receiving care under the Act are not being involved in the decisions relating to their care.
  • The number of people subject to the Act is rising – between 2011-2012 there was a 5% increase in detentions and a 10% increase in CTO’s.
  • There is increased pressure on services including – the provision of Approved Mental Health Professionals, transport to hospital wards, provision of beds and access to psychological therapies
  • Some patients interviewed did not know what was in their care plan and they did not feel involved in care planning or decisions about treatment.
  • Some patients did not have information about being discharged or did not know what they had to prove in order to be discharged.

The Chief Executive of CQC, David Behan said that “People who need treatment in hospital for their mental health should have care and support to help them recover.  Some hospitals are doing a very good job in treating people with dignity and respect – so we know it’s possible.  However CQC is concerned that some hospitals have allowed cultures to develop where control and containment are prioritised over treatment and care.”

He went on to say that CQC will be making mental health a priority this year and they will be using the powers available to them to change any instances of poor and unacceptable care witnessed.

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