CQC: Roles and Responsibilities in Safeguarding

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CQC’s Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care Andrea Sutcliffe, announced yesterday at the Carers UK State of Caring Conference, that CQC will join forces with partners to strengthen roles and responsibilities in adult safeguarding.

Andrea Sutcliffe said: Safeguarding adults is everyone’s responsibility. It should not be difficult and confusing for the public and professionals, and I am pleased that working with our partners we have been able to set out how we should work together. I am delighted to have made this announcement at the Carers UK State of Caring Conference. Putting the person at the centre of all we do is vital and carers do that every day.”

In partnership with NHS England, the Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the ‘Safeguarding Adults – Roles and Responsibilities in Health and Care Services’ has the intention of providing clarity about the roles and responsibilities of the key agencies involved in adult safeguarding.

The document sets out how individuals and organisations should work together to prevent abuse and neglect from happening and ensure the safety and well-being of anyone who has been affected.

Representatives  from the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board and ADASS’s Safeguarding Joint Lead said: “These safeguarding roles and responsibilities highlight the importance of everyone working together including councils, CQC, health and the police to keep people safe. It outlines the practical opportunities there are for us to join-up in the vital everyday work we do. Poor care, neglect and abuse are all part of the same problem and addressing this locally requires action from anyone involved in looking after those who need care.”

The ‘Safeguarding Adults – Roles and Responsibilities in Health and Care Services’ document is available on CQC’s website.

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