CQC Staff Survey indicates room for improvement

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In this months’ Board Meeting CQC discussed it’s People Pulse Survey for August 2019 – an interim survey seeking CQC’s own staff views on the organisation including how communications are working and how CQC is leading change given the high level of transformation currently taking place internally.

The survey has presented a mixed bag of results.  Most notably, support for CQC’s Executive Team has fallen by 9% with only 35% of staff stating they believe senior leaders provide clear direction and leadership.   Other areas which have declined include a 6% fall in the number of staff agreeing they would recommend CQC as a good place to work, with only 54% of staff responding positively to the question and fewer staff members stating they feel able to contribute their views before decisions are made that affect them.

Some positive trends were noted such as a higher percentage of staff stating they understand why CQC is changing and they are positive about the impact of changes.

The CQC Board acknowledged that CQC had not made as much progress with internal changes as it hoped it would have by this stage and saw ensuring staff satisfaction as a continuing challenge moving forward, particularly considering the high percentage of remote working that takes place within the organisation.  It was noted that a lot of work had been carried out in relation to the introduction of new technology, digital foundations and the quality assurance programme which gave ground for optimism but there was still a lot of work to do.

This is the first time a Pulse Survey has been carried out and Board members have indicated a desire for regular surveys to be carried out in the future over and about the annual staff survey to better understand how internal changes are impacting on staff and how this can be managed and improved.  CQC’s comprehensive annual staff survey will be going live in November with results expected to be released in the new year.

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