CQC Survey on A&E Waiting Times

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According to a recent CQC survey waiting times are getting longer at NHS accident and emergency departments in England.

Results showed that a third of patients surveyed spent more than four hours in A&E which was up from the figure of 27% in 2008. A third of patients also surveyed said they waited more than half an hour before they were seen by a doctor or a nurse which was up from 29% in 2008 and 24% in 2004.

Government targets say no more than 5% of patients should breach the four-hour limit. The CQC chief executive David Behan said “the important issue is that people who need to be treated urgently, do not have to wait, it is disappointing therefore that people have said they have to wait longer to be treated than four years ago. People should be seen, diagnosed, treated and admitted or discharged as quickly as possible and this is an issue that trusts need to urgently tackle“.

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