Dentist’s mistakes could be costing patients hundreds of pounds due to correction procedures

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Citizens Advice claims to be receiving and extended amount of calls regarding problems with dentistry, with dentist refusing to pay for their wrong doing, both NHS and Private, also patients are calling in regard to charges made by dentist, as patients may feel like they are being taken advantage of with evident presence of asymmetric information.

The charity assisted around 4000 people with dental care problems last year, which is a 9 percent increase from the year before, however further research shows that the constantly dominating issue in 2015 to 2016 was the supply of substandard services by dentists. An analysis of 354 cases showed that around 75% of patients endured treatment that in fact cause them further problems.

According to the chief executive of Citizens Advice, “If a dental treatment causes more problems for the patient, the law declares that in most cases the dentist should be offering to repair this at no extra cost. Asking patients to pay could put their health at risk if they are unable to afford the further treatment.”

Under the Consumer Rights Act, it states that patients who go private are entitled to have any problem fixed by their dentist, in conjunction with this, those under the NHS are granted free repair or replacement of any issues with fillings, inlays or crowns within 12 months of the initial damage caused.

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