Department of Health and Social Care issues update on EU exit plan on 31 October 2019

Topics covered: Department of Health

The Department of Health and Social Care wrote to all adult social care providers to detail the steps that the Government has been taking in working collaboratively with all involved in the delivery of adult social care to ensure that contingency plans are in place for both medical and non-medical supplies irrespective of the political position on 31 October 2019 and beyond.

82% of medical products have a 6 –week stockpile in place as at 9 October and this figure is likely to increase by 31 October 2019. The Government does not advise adult social care providers to stockpile any medicines or medical products, it does advise providers to check contingency plans with local suppliers and to make contact with the local authority to identify the assigned Brexit lead.

The Government appears prepared to manage any issues that may arise in the adult social care sector post-31 October and the message that they wish to communicate is to ensure that Providers of Adult Social Care are themselves are also taking necessary precautions.


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