Government accused of hiding a report into NHS management

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MPs have said that a report about NHS management written by the Conservative peer Lord Stuart Rose should be published before the general election.

Lord Rose was appointed to carry out the review in February 2014 by Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary. At the time, the government said it hoped he would be able to advise on how the NHS could ‘attract and retain the very best leaders to help transform the culture in under-performing hospitals’. The report was submitted to the Department of Health in December 2014 but it has still not been published.

According to The Independent: ‘The report is understood to paint a damaging picture of a culture in which mediocre managers can move around within the NHS without being held to account, while those who are successful go unrewarded.’

MPs said that Lord Rose’s assessment must be made public immediately. Jamie Reed, Labour’s shadow Health Minister, told The Independent: ‘If the government has nothing to hide it should release the report before the election. Ministers cannot commission reports on the NHS and bury the ones they don’t like. When people vote in May, they need to have all the facts about this government’s mismanagement of the health service.’

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