A halt to routine inspections to deal with the increased pressure on the health and social care system

Topics covered: CQC, GP, NHS

Most are aware of the severe pressures NHS hospitals have been experiencing over the winter period. Tens of thousands of operations have been cancelled in January alone and most outpatient clinics have been closed to help the NHS deal with the surge of patients attending hospital. With frontline staff and leaders under a considerable amount of pressure, the CQC have sought to relieve some of this pressure by allowing staff to focus on continuing to ensure that people receive safe, high-quality care during this period of increased demand.

The CQC has made the decision to pause routine inspections of NHS acute services, GP practices and urgent care services which were due to take place in January.

Not all planned inspections will be deferred, those concerning quality or safety will go ahead as planned to ensure that an increase in pressure doesn’t result in the deterioration in the quality of care. Inspections are expected to return to normal next month.

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