Jeremy Corbyn vows to take failing care homes into public ownership under a Labour government

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On Saturday Jeremy Corbyn addressed the Fabian Society new year conference in his second major speech of 2017. Corbyn said that the social care system was at serious risk of breakdown unless more money was invested by the state. He announced that Labour would take failing care homes into public ownership to protect residents and that they would give social care the “funding it needs”.

Mr Corbyn criticised Theresa May of using overstretched GPs as scapegoats for the NHS crisis and accused her of being “in denial” about conditions in the NHS.

He said cuts of £4.6bn over the course of the last parliament created a “social care crisis made in Downing Street” and “They’ve told councils to fill the gap by raising council tax that won’t even meet 3% of what councils are already spending on social care for the elderly”.

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