Labour decries NHS Crisis

Topics covered: NHS, workforce

The Labour Party has described the deepening NHS crisis as a “disaster”. Recent figures have shown there are over 100,000 job openings across the NHS. It has been brought to light by a freedom of information request by the Labour Party, that there is serious understaffing occurring across the NHS with over 40,000 nurses and 11,000 scientific, technical and therapeutic staff positions lying vacant.

This is truly problematic because it leaves hospitals and care homes with a high number of inexperienced healthcare assistants and a disproportionate ratio between the qualified and the patients. In addition, the Christmas period is seen as one of the busiest months of the year, with hospitals failing to free up beds together with staff shortages – it is the patients who will suffer the most.

Moreover, North Yorkshire’s County Councillor, Cllr Jim Clark, has stressed his concern with such workforce shortages potentially worsening post-Brexit.

Cllr Jim Clark, Chair Scrutiny of Health Committee, said: –

“Despite people’s best efforts, I am concerned that the workforce shortages that we are currently experiencing will get worse due to the impact of the UK exit from the EU and the end of student bursaries for nursing and midwifery

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