A lack of funding is failing patients with continuing healthcare needs

Topics covered: CCG, Continuing Healthcare, funding, Jaime Streete, NHS

Yesterday, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) published a report which revealed that the funding system for continuing healthcare needs is failing patients. The report suggested that people with continuing healthcare needs, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple Sclerosis at a disadvantage when it comes to funding and being told about funding.

The report warns that ‘many people have their care compromised because no one makes them aware of the funding available or helps them to navigate the funding system’. There report suggests that there are two main issues. Firstly, people spend too long waiting to find out if they are eligible for funding with some delays resulting in death. Secondly, CCGs interpreting the assessment criteria inconsistently resulting in an unacceptable variation between areas in the number of people assessed as eligible to receive funding.

Chief Executive of Independent Age, Janet Morrison, has described the situation as utterly unacceptable as people who are eligible for the package of care either don’t know about it, find it too complicated to access or are waiting too long for a decision, in which time their health may have significantly worsened.


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