Local Government Ombudsman publishes report on social care complaints

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The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) has recently published a report titled ‘Adult Social Care: LGO – the single point of contact for complaints’.  The report aims to help improve services and good administration by analysing key trends highlighted from adult social care complaints, providing an insight into issues affecting all users of social care.

Four key areas arising from the complaints have been identified in the report, these are:

  • Improving the quality of care – including making the complaints process more efficient and accessible and improving services.
  • Making informed choices – improving access to accurate information making it easier for service users to make well-informed decisions about the care options available to them and providing clarity in relation to their care contracts.
  • Protecting the most vulnerable – highlighting the duty of both the Council and care providers to safeguard vulnerable adults and to alert others if issues do arise.
  • Resolving complaints locally – promoting prompt and open action in resolving complaints and ensuring people are made aware of the Ombudsman if matters remain unresolved.

The report outlines specific case studies relating to these areas and outlines the duties of the Council and care homes in relation to these.  Following on from the report the LGO say that they will be publishing further information about cases they investigate and their findings through regular newsletters.  They will continue to work with the CQC and aim to increase their direct contact with care providers.  They will also be working in partnership with the new Healthwatch England and Local Healthwatch organisations.

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