Local government publishes their own ‘green paper’ as wait continues for social care green paper

The Local Government Association (LGA) has published its own social care green paper whilst we wait for central government’s official green paper, due in the Autumn.

Suggestions have been made that income tax should be increased for taxpayers of all ages, an increase in national insurance, a social care premium which charges the over 40s and working pensioners an earmarked contribution, means testing of universal benefits and allowing councils to increase council tax by one per cent. This could all generate billions of pounds by 2024/25.

The LGA’s ‘green paper’ has received a positive response from people within the care sector as it produces a long-term settlement, similarly to that of the NHS.

It is certain that the long-awaiting green paper will start a nationwide public debate about the future of care for adults in the UK. But for now, we must sit tight until its publication in the Autumn.