New Chief Inspector of GP’s named

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Professor Steve Field has been named as the new chief inspector of GP’s in England.

The chief inspector role has been introduced as part of the new inspection regime being set up by the CQC.  Professor Field will oversee the quality of care provided by GP surgeries across England and has said that one of his main focuses is ensuring consistently good care across the country.

He said “the focus has been on hospitals over the last few years, but what we want to do is to make sure everyone in England gets the best care possible.”

Commenting on questions about variations between practices he said “If they are good we will encourage them to do even better.  But we’ll also make sure that those that are not up to scratch have the opportunity to improve, and if they don’t we can take action.”

Professor Field is the former chair of the Royal College of GP’s.  As part of this role he oversaw the rewriting of the curriculum for doctors wanting to train in general practice.

It will be interesting to see how Professor Field leads the CQC in their inspection of GP practices and it is hoped it will be ensured that this new role focuses on the provision of care without adding another layer of regulation and paperwork.

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