New PPE Portal for Providers

Topics covered: adult social care, COVID-19, PPE

Following the announcement of the extension on free Covid-19 Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) until the end of March 2023, a new website has been launched to ensure continuity of PPE distribution to frontline health and care staff, and other eligible users.

The new website builds on user feedback in order to improve user experience. There will be a transition period, but from 4 April 2022 all customers will be directed to the new portal from the old site.

During its launch, survey results revealed that 76% of respondents were very satisfied and 20% satisfied, for a 96% approval rating overall. The key benefits of the new portal are that it is easier to place orders, view order limits and track deliveries.

This will be extremely helpful to providers at a time when such equipment is becoming scarce due to the government’s new policy to “live with Covid-19.”

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