No More Face Masks in Scotland

As of 7 September 2022, care staff and visitors are no longer advised to wear masks at all times in social care settings in Scotland.

According to the Scottish Government this is due to a drop in COVID-19 infection alongside decreased severity of the virus.

Masks and face coverings in social care might still be recommended in certain situations (i.e. a local outbreak of Covid-19) and anyone may choose to wear one.

The decision is a controversial one, but the Scottish Government said that it balances the risk of harm from COVID-19 with the impact masks can have.

Studies have shown that masks can have negative impacts on communication, mental wellbeing and rights and choices of those working in and using social care services. This is especially true for older people who are hard of hearing or suffering from dementia.

Social Care Minister Kevin Stewart has praised the success of the vaccination programme for the move and has said this, “is the latest step in our path to recovering from the pandemic.”

All in all this seems like a step in the right direction that will have an immensely positive impact on those working in and accessing social care services.

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