NSPCC calls for tougher laws following Rotherham child abuse scandal

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The NSPCC has called for more robust laws to deal with professionals who fail to protect children following the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.

John Cameron, head of the child protection charity’s helpline said: “When people who have authority to act deliberately fail to act, then we need to think more about the consequences of those, whether or not there should be criminal action should be taken against those individuals. We cannot tolerate any longer either a management culture or a practice culture that results in a failure to protect children at risk.”

The inquiry found that professionals in charge of child protection in the town of Rotherham were disbelieving and ignored evidence of widespread abuse of children.

Speaking about the disciplinary response in relation to the inquiry, Mr Cameron stated that: “There are people around now, whether they be in Rotherham or elsewhere, if they are responsible for poor practice then they shouldn’t be around practicing child protection or managing child protection services.”

Mr Cameron’s comments follow news that the Health and Care Professions Council is considering whether fitness to practice hearings need to take place with social workers who worked in Rotherham during the time covered by the inquiry.

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