Occupancy levels in care homes during Coronavirus – provider seeks help

Topics covered: Contracts, COVID-19, local authorities, Nythan Smith

The largest care home operator in the UK has written to social care commissioners to request support to protect its income to the equivalent of 90% occupancy levels.  At least one of the commissioners that it works with has agreed to offer the assistance it has requested.

The death rate within its care homes is 3 times higher than 2019 and deaths are occurring at a rate 8 times the rate of admissions into its Homes.  Based on its modelling occupancy levels within its Homes will reduce to 70% occupancy which is a level which would significantly impact on its ability to generate income.  This is despite the provider owning the majority of its properties which may not be the case for the wider market.

Unprecedented is a word that is used often when referring to the Coronavirus pandemic but this move by the largest care home operator in the UK is one which puts into perspective the impact that this crisis is having and could still have on the health and social care sector.  The rate of deaths has almost halved in the past few weeks which is promising.  Admissions appear to have reduced within care homes which is likely to impact on occupancy levels within care homes which in turn could affect the financial sustainability of the sector.

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