Ofsted sets out strategic priorities

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Ofsted has announced its strategic plan which begins from May 2016 and runs through until the end of 2016.

Ofsted aims to raise standards with ‘good’ being the target for each setting andfocus on outcomes for the disadvantaged and vulnerable. It also aims to [SC21] improve lives by supporting children to reach their potential regardless of their particular circumstances.

The three priorities for the forthcoming year focus on improvement:

1.      Improved quality, efficiency and effectiveness with a focus on value for money;

2.      Improved focus to target inspection and regulation to where the most value can be added; and

3.      Improved engagement with stakeholders to improve their perception of Ofsted and the work it carries out.

Some of the key actions identified by Ofsted that need to be achieved to meet these aims and priorities are:

·         Ensuring consistency of inspection and increased use of good and outstanding practitioners to conduct inspections and build on its outcomes-focused model;

·         Considering more proportionate social care inspections following the completion of the current inspection cycle and working with more current leaders in the sector on inspections;

·         Utilising data and providing the best technical and administrative support to inspectors;

·         Focusing inspections on services that are less than good or where performance has slipped;

·         Focusing on disadvantaged and vulnerable performance in inspections which will feed into judgments;

·         Promoting first class leadership within schools and recognising this;

·         Enhancing the focus on safeguarding including preventing radicalisation;

·         Promoting vocational and further education;

·         Working closely with parents, carers, learners and employers and incorporating their opinions into improving the way that Ofsted works; and

·         Working closely with those that Ofsted inspects so that they understand its inspection and regulatory work.


At the end of 2016 Sir Michael Wilshaw, who has been Ofsted’s Chief Inspector since 1 January 2012, will resign and a new Chief Inspector will be installed to commence their post from 1 January 2017 and a new set of priorities will be drawn up at that time.

[SC21]Please reconsider structure of sentence – currently it doesn’t flow very well.

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