Regulatory Due Diligence

When purchasing or selling a health and social care business you’re not just dealing with bricks and mortar.  All are subject to regulation, contracts and multi-stakeholder interest.  There are many aspects which can help assess the health and value of the business.

Ridouts can help prepare a dental practice for sale.  We can spot issues which may cause concern for purchasers allowing vendors to eliminate the problem ahead of time, or prepare an explanation which could comfort purchasers.

We can organise and arrange documents for a disclosure room, be the central point of contact to field information requests and negotiate warranties.

We can also advise the vendor on whether a purchaser’s concerns are valid and what impact these may have on the business for the purchaser moving forward which may impact the price the purchaser is willing to pay.

Ridouts also act for purchasers. We help to identify regulatory issues that may affect the value of the business and therefore the appropriate purchase price.  We can provide a report to the purchaser and provide warranties to insert into the Sale and Purchase Agreement (where there is a share sale) or the Business Purchase Agreement (where there is an asset sale).

The team have experience of undertaking health and social care regulatory due diligence in relation to the following types of businesses:

Ridouts is well placed to offer a health and social care regulatory due diligence service which will add value to any acquisition or divestment.


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