The Ridouts Consultancy

At Ridouts our focus is on preserving and enhancing the business interests of our Clients.  A combination of specialist regulatory legal advice along with first-rate management consultancy support can provide you with the assurance that your regulatory and operational needs are supported when you need it most. We have established a consultancy division of a group of highly experienced health and social care consultants with whom we have worked closely and successfully over many years.

Whether you require operational, clinical, management or financial consultancy services or a combination of these, we can match you with a consultant to meet your needs. Our consultants are experienced in “turnaround” work and, working alongside our team of specialist solicitors and have secured excellent results for our Clients.

Ridouts can give you peace of mind knowing that a team of dedicated, specialist lawyers and consultants can be swiftly assembled to work together strategically to support you through the regulatory and commercial challenges your business may face.