The Ridouts Consultants


At Ridouts our focus is on preserving and enhancing the business interests of our clients.  A combination of commercial legal advice along with first-rate management consultancy support can provide you with the assurance that your regulatory and operational needs are supported when you need it most.  We have established a consultancy division of six highly experienced health and social care consultants with whom we have worked closely and successfully over many years.  Ridouts can give you peace of mind knowing that a team of dedicated, specialist lawyers and consultants can be swiftly brought together to support you through the regulatory and commercial challenges your business may face.            

Duncan Howells portrait image

Duncan Howells

Duncan Howells is an independent management consultant and trainer. He has 40 years’ experience in child and adult social care.

Gerry Kennedy portrait image

Gerry Kennedy

Gerry is an independent healthcare consultant supporting GP’s, consultant doctors, and care homes to prepare for and maintain CQC registration.

Julie King portrait image

Julie King

Julie is a highly respected executive level regulatory consultant with over 25 years experience in the health and social care sector and an exemplary track record in delivering positive compliance outcomes for providers.

Anne Smith portrait image

Anne Smith

Anne provides a wide range of managerial, clinical and regulatory services to help ensure quality, compliance and commercial improvements. Ideal for small to medium sized care home groups, Anne offers support where it is needed.

Tim Dallinger - Ridout Consultants

Tim Dallinger

Tim is an independent social care consultant and trainer providing a full range of support to the social care sector.

Philippa Willamson - Ridout Consultants

Philippa Willamson

Philippa is a registered nurse with extensive operational and management experience. She has been providing consultancy services to providers since 2008.

Bryan Higgins - Ridout Consultants

Bryan Higgins

Bryan Higgins has 26 years’ experience of providing financial and management solutions for social care operators and stakeholders.

Lisa Clayton

Lisa is an independent health and social care consultant offering regulatory support and advisory services across the healthcare sectors nationwide.

Tony Thiru

Tony specialises in compliance, risk mitigation and in particular “troubleshooting” care/nursing homes, often turning around multiple homes concurrently.