Safeguarding Adults Reviews (“SAR”) and Serious Case Reviews (“SCR”)

An adult or a child that is harmed or dies in your care as a result of suspected abuse or neglect can, as well as be very distressing, lead to the involvement of multiple interested parties – a Safeguarding Adults Board and CQC or a Local Safeguarding Children Board and Ofsted as well as the police and the Coroner in both situations.

Whilst the primary purpose of a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) or Serious Case Review (SCR) is to learn lessons from the situation, often a finger gets pointed at the professionals who were caring for the adult or child when they died, despite there being multiple party input to that care package.

This can be complex, daunting and, of course, overwhelming. The Ridouts team of specialist lawyers can guide you through this difficult situation, representing and protecting your position.  Ridouts is well placed to advice a provider during a SAR or SCR which are often document heavy, detail driven, investigations.

Services include:

  • Advising health and social care providers on the process to be followed;
  • Advising providers in relation to their Individual Management Report in order to protect their position (especially whilst there are on-going regulatory and police investigations);
  • Challenging aspects of the process which are procedurally unfair;
  • Challenging the Overview Report and Executive Summary to ensure they accurately reflect a provider’s position;
  • Reviewing documentation requested by the regulators and police to advice on whether there are any areas of potential concern.
Ridouts is well placed to advice a provider during a Serious Case Review which are often document heavy detail driven investigations. Our knowledge and expertise can help you to navigate one of the most complicated situations you can find yourself in, and ensure that you follow all of the necessary procedures effectively, and represent your business in the most positive way possible.

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