Adult Safeguarding & LADO Investigations

Adult Safeguarding & LADO Investigations

Purchasers can impose suspensions of placements, remove their residents and initiate safeguarding
investigations which often become entrenched and can lead to findings that providers have abused
those in their care.

In such cases the hosting authority may make recommendations to other placing authorities to
remove their service users. Safeguarding investigations can quickly drain good morale. Without
adequate legal representation, providers can find themselves subject to investigations which are
fundamentally unfair.

Ridouts frequently advises providers facing safeguarding investigations. Our clients frequently
comment that our attendance at meetings softens the aggression they often face at case conferences.

Services include:

  • securing early and full disclosure of allegations and helping providers respond to them; 
  • putting pressure on authorities to carry out investigations fairly and swiftly;
  • Attending meetings to help providers put across their case thoroughly and clearly;
  • Challenging procedurally unfair processes.

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