NHS Improvement

NHS Improvement

NHS Improvement’s primary purpose is to “ensure providers have the support they need to deliver”. Trusts should bear this in mind whenever they seek to influence how NHS Improvement engages with them. Ridouts can work with Trusts to manage this relationship and ensure that effective results are achieved.

Ridouts can also bring valuable insight into the regulatory approach during the Foundation Trust application process with focused input ahead of key meetings with both Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority . Our support includes drafting the constitution, advising on compliance with consultation requirements, membership requirements and the Code of Governance.

In addition, Ridouts can advise on compliance with the NHS Provider Licence, legal risks around proposed enforcement action by the regulator, how best to respond and how to build the evidential case to assuage the regulator’s concerns. When entering "Special Measures" we can negotiate the terms of any undertakings and advise on building a case for and make a formal application to move out of “Special Measures”.

Services include:

  • Assistance with discussions with the regulator;
  • Support at meetings;
  • General strategic support.

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