Ridouts is a law firm built upon talent and experience for the single purpose of being the best provider of professional legal services to the health and social care sector. Ridouts is uniquely placed to obtain the best possible outcome and is the obvious choice for providers who face any regulatory challenge. Ridouts’ experience is that specialist commercial and legal support provided in a timely manner can avoid great loss at relatively low cost. When problems emerge, regulators and commissioners usually welcome informed professionals stepping in. They take comfort from knowing that the providers have the right advice to effect a turnaround. Regulators listen to Ridouts and take notice when we become involved.

Challenging the regulator

  • Challenging Regulator Inspection Reports

    Ridouts helps to empower providers of health and social care services to challenge inaccurate or unfair inspection reports produced by regulators. Ridouts will work quickly and efficiently, often to tight deadlines, to make sure that inspection reports are a fair reflection of their service.

  • Challenging Cancellation, Suspension or Variation of Conditions

    It is essential for providers of health and social care services to act quickly when faced with regulatory enforcement action. The stakes are often high and the result of failing to suitably address such action ranges from significant fines to the closure of a business. Ridouts is on hand to provide effective advice and act in any such circumstance.

  • Challenging Warning Notices & Fixed Penalty Notices

    Warning Notices and Fixed Penalty Notices are the first step used by the Care Quality Commission in its enforcement process. Providers of health and social care services are given the opportunity to make representations against such action and Ridouts are on hand to assist with such a response and advise providers on how to manage the implications of such notices

  • Challenging Regulator Prosecutions

    Prosecutions can have a profound effect on a service provider’s reputation with its service users, customers (commissioning bodies) and other stakeholders. Ridouts are able to help any provider facing prosecution through the process whilst maintaining a commercial approach to how to manage any action being taken.

  • Application for Registration

    Any business wishing to provide health or social care services are very likely to be required to register with either the Care Quality Commission or Ofsted. Applications can be complex and daunting to providers setting up a new business. Ridouts can support providers in navigating their way through this process.

  • Special Measures

    CQC can take steps to place both health and social care providers and NHS Trusts into what they call “Special Measures”. This status is usually given to a service where the CQC determines that its provision is “Inadequate” and can have very different consequences depending on the type of provider you are.

Dealing with the local authority

  • Adult Safeguarding & LADO Investigations

    Many providers are involved in safeguarding issues but at times investigations can be unfair and lack transparency. Such investigations can have a serious detrimental effect on a business and its reputation. Ridouts are on hand to support clients at safeguarding meetings and beyond.

  • Serious Case Reviews

    Serious case reviews often arise from a variety of upsetting and challenging situations. Providers of health and social care services must be sure that in such challenging circumstances the process is transparent and fair and that they are able to give an adequate account of themselves before the many stakeholders involved in the process.

  • Contractual & Fee Disputes

    Many providers of health and social care services have seen fees unilaterally slashed by their commissioners for a number of years now. The reality is that many providers feel that these cuts could compromise the quality of care provided to service users. Ridouts has helped a number of providers to successfully challenge these proposals.

  • Mental Capacity & Deprivations of Liberty Safeguards

    Many providers of health and social care services find this ever changing area of the law very hard to keep up to speed with. Failure to execute duties in this area may have serious legal repercussions. Ridouts can provide expert advice on navigating the question of compliance with the requirements of the Mental Capacity Act and associated guidance.

Other services

  • Inquests

    Any provider of health and social care services involved in an inquest need to understand the implications of such proceedings and be properly represented. This is particularly important where a question arises about the care that was being given to the individual concerned in the run up to their death. Ridouts can assist in advising, supporting and representing clients in the run up to an inquest and at the hearing itself.

  • Professional Disciplinary

    Ridouts is able to provide support to individuals who are subject to involvement with a professional regulator as well as their employers. It is vitally important that providers who have staff that are subject to disciplinary proceedings are themselves prepared for any hearing and clear on their involvement as well as the commercial and employment law implications.

  • Regulatory Due Diligence

    Ridouts is able to conduct due diligence in preparation for the sale or purchase of a health and social care business. Our expertise in the sector can often flag up potential regulatory issues which may affect a transaction. A full and detailed report of findings will be provided to any client requiring this service.

  • Training

    Ridouts are regularly commissioned to provide training to providers and their staff on a variety of issues relating to the running of their services and compliance with the regulatory framework that underpins their provision. We can tailor training to the requirements of any specific needs that have been identified at a service.

  • NHS Improvement

    NHS Improvement retains the enforcement powers that were formerly used by Monitor and the Trust Development Agency. NHS Improvement will work with CQC when Trusts are placed in Special Measures and it will use its full range of enforcement powers to ensure that Trusts maintain financial balance and good governance.