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The social care sector provides essential services to some of the most vulnerable in society. From providing care to the elderly those with learning disabilities or mental health needs, to looking after children, and even at-home help, Ridouts understand the difficulties organisations and businesses providing those services can face. Balancing regulatory requirements with competing stakeholder interest, whilst providing high-quality care can be demanding. 

We can help your business in a number of ways. Find out more about how we can assist you:


Safeguarding investigations by the local authority can be lengthy and troublesome and can lead to embargoes being placed on your business restricting your ability to admit service users and often impacting a business’ financials.


If you wish to run certain health and social care businesses you have to register with the CQC or Ofsted. If you do not register when required, you will be carrying on a criminal offence.


The CQC and Ofsted can take draconian enforcement action, either restricting how you run your business and sometimes preventing you from carrying it on. Read more about:
A Notice of Proposal (NOP)
A Notice of Decision (NOD)
A Section 31 Order
A Magistrates’ Court Order
Notice to Restrict Accommodation


Commissioner fees for the social care sector have long been a concern. Fees that go unpaid, low fee levels and even commissioners attempting to reduce fees further can negatively impact a business.


It is likely that a provider will be involved, in some form, with an inquest during their time running a social care service. Whilst the purpose of an inquest is to establish facts, not to apportion blame, negative conclusions can be drawn and they can prompt other action being taken by regulators, local authorities and even the police.


The CQC and Ofsted produces inspection reports which, if inaccurate, can adversely affect a care provider’s reputation. It can result in ratings that are not reflective of the service and can lead to enforcement action.


The MCA can afford a high degree of legal protection to carers and providers, whilst ensuring the rights of incapacitated adults, when used correctly.


The Police may investigate a death or a serious incident, such as an allegation of abuse. Such investigations need to be handled with care and are often interwoven with other action being taken, frequently by the regulator and local authority.


Professional regulators and provider regulators share information more often and this can lead to individuals being required to account for their actions in front of their professional body.


The CQC, Ofsted and the Health and Safety Executive can all take steps to prosecute providers for failing their regulatory obligations. Put your case forward for the best chance of successfully defending such action and reputation protection.


We can help undertake a review of a business you wish to purchase or assist you to prepare your business for sale, to manage issues, reduce or eliminate problems identified and therefore impact purchase price.

"SAR" & "SCR"

Safeguarding Adults reviews and Serious Case reviews take place when an adult or child has been harmed or dies in care. These can be long and gruelling processes that can have significant knock-on effects for businesses.


If an adverse inspection report from the CQC is issued, the regulator has the power to place the service into 'Special Measures' which can negatively impact your business.


Ridouts can provide in-house training to providers on matters of importance to their businesses. We can, for example, provide training on preparing for an inspection and the steps a provider can take to help achieve the best outcome.


Warning Notices and Fixed Penalty Notices are often the first formal enforcement used by the CQC and should not be ignored.

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I got through to Paul immediately and he told me what to do there and then; I didn’t realise how limited the Local Authority’s powers were.
They are saviours! They rescued my business – they are worth every penny!
You feel that you get both legal advice and consultancy, borne out of many years of dealing with regulators
Caroline came back to me immediately with a high quality, considered response.
I was immediately impressed with Jenny’s knowledge in legal matters and how care homes work at a business level.
I went to their symposium – it was a big investment of time – but it was wonderful – I learnt a lot and like the way they spoke – easy to understand, clear, friendly – I would definitely use them if I needed to – and would absolutely recommend them.
I know for a fact that the CQC fear Ridouts – they know you are taking it seriously if you work with Ridouts.
Knowing they only work for care providers adds trust in them

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