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CQC claim to now have a handle on the quality of care provision provided in the UK; however this is on the presumption that the inspections it conducts provide it with accurate conclusions.  I write from the perspective of a trainee solicitor who has sight of what would appear to be those providers CQC views […]

CQC have recently completed the inspections of some 24,000 different locations providing adult social care.  It published its State of Adult Social Care report covering 2014 to 2017 and clearly feels empowered and emboldened to draw conclusions from the inspections it has conducted.  Nursing Homes are singled out for particular mention in the report with […]

Just a little over a year ago on 1 February 2016 the sentencing guidelines for Health and Safety Offences were introduced.  They are of wide reaching impact for the health and social care sector in particular in relation to breaches, alleged or actual, of health and safety law. The guidelines were brought in to provide […]