Ridouts’ Autumn Webinars – Providers’ Choice

This webinar discusses the CQC update, including what we have learned about the Transitional Monitoring Approach so far from director, Jenny Wilde; theMental Capacity Act 2005 and the Liberty Protection Safeguards from Associate Solicitor Anna-Marie Lemmer; and Lessons learned from COVID-19 and the way forward with Director, Paul Ridout.

Ridouts’ Autumn Webinars – The Future of CQC Inspections

In ‘The Future of CQC Inspections’ webinar, Gemma Nicholas looked at CQC’s “Now, Next and Future” plans, while Laura Paton looked at how providers can get the most out of their CQC inspections. The session was hosted by Ridouts’ COO, Caroline Barker.  Find more information and resources from this webinar here.https://www.youtube.com/embed/BoK9Mawtysc

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