Ridout Report -Take Control of Compliance – The QuiqCare Solution in Association with Ridouts Professional Services

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One of the main themes announced in CQC’s strategy for 2016 – 2021 is its aim for there to be a “single shared view of quality” across health and care services.

The implementation of the single quality view suggests that CQC expects regulatory bodies and providers alike to follow its guidelines on quality when making their own judgements.  This would likely include the fundamental standards, the 5 key questions and the individual KLOEs applied to the services it regulates along with data and information sharing resources.  Indeed it was confirmed recently by David Behan that he expects all NHS Trusts in England to remodel their data dashboards and governance agreements to fit in with CQCs framework.  This could suggest that CQC may require other services it regulates to make similar changes in the future in relation to their internal quality assurance processes and data collection facilities.  Ridouts recommends that providers get ahead of the game and start looking now at how this can be achieved, if they are not already doing so.

One way this could be achieved is by purchasing bespoke ready-made systems that can be easily adopted and applied by providers throughout their organisation.  Ridouts is partnering with QuiqSolutions in offering simple and effective compliance framework solutions that enable providers to stay on top of quality monitoring.

QuiqSolutions has two main products – QuiqCare and QuiqSurvey.

QuiqCare is a complete compliance framework management tool.  It keeps everything to do with compliance in one easily accessible place.  Whether it is CQC or some other quality standard a provider needs to comply with, it will help make sure providers are prepared and get the credit for the really good things they are doing throughout the year.  Providers can use their own framework or one of the many provider specific frameworks including CQC Fundamental Standards, NHS CHC CHAT and QAF with the QuiqSolutions software.

The tool can be used to help providers prepare to be Good or Outstanding.  It helps providers highlight the things they are doing well and show they are not standing still.  Providers can demonstrate they are meeting the Well-led requirement by showing they are focused on innovation and continuous improvement quality.

QuiqSurvey provides survey questionnaires to specific stakeholder groups to get their views on how a service is performing.  It is the ideal tool for creating, collecting and collating surveys allowing providers to identify areas that need more focus and where they are doing well.  QuiqSurvey can be closely integrated with QuiqCare to form a central role in providers’ continuous improvement and compliance management programmes.  Whether providers are working in an environment with a recognised external inspectorate, or their own in-house standards framework, QuiqSurvey lets providers deploy, collate and manage feedback data efficiently and centrally.  QuiqSurvey’s built-in reporting provides an immediate graphical overview of responses, and the Excel spreadsheet exports lets providers dive deep into the data for more forensic analysis.

The products can be implemented immediately with no development at a relatively low cost to provide a fully comprehensive one-stop solution.  The system is currently used by over 300 health and social care providers, 140 CCG’s and NHS England.

For more information on how QuiqSolutions can help your organisation please visit www.quiqsolutions.com or contact Paul Kaye, Director on 01948 302090/1 or email PaulKaye@QuiqSolutions.com.  To arrange a demonstration at your convenience please contact AngelaHartshorne@QuiqSolutions.com.

At the same time, we are pleased to announce that Ridouts is going to be launching its own consultancy arm from April.  Our team of experienced consultants will use the QuiqSolutions systems in advising and supporting providers on compliance issues.  We will be publishing more information about this service shortly but if you do require consultancy services that come with the assurance that they fall under the Ridouts brand please contact us on 02073170340.

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