01Nov 2011

The number of Warning Notices being served on providers by CQC has increased significantly over recent months.  CQC has indicated that it will publish a press release summarising each Warning Notice unless the provider can persuade CQC not to do so. The window for making written representations to CQC about the Warning Notice is five […]

01Oct 2011

Current Safeguarding Framework The current adult safeguarding framework does not include consolidated legislation which defines safeguarding duties and processes. As a result, real uncertainties exist as to who is responsible when safeguarding alerts are raised. The Department of Health’s No Secrets document, published in 2000, provides guidance to local agencies which have a responsibility to […]

01Aug 2011

Last month we spoke about the Compliance Review process and what you could expect during a visit from the Care Quality Commission (“CQC”).  This month we discuss the resulting Compliance Review Report and how it should accurately reflect the findings on the day of inspection. CQC are legally required to prepare a report on the […]

01Jul 2011

Under the new regulatory framework introduced by CQC, there has been a move away from the classic inspection as the main source of evidence about a service towards a broader “review of compliance” which considers all the available information relating to a particular service, of which the inspection or site visit is one element, assuming […]