05Mar 2018
The RIdout Report. Spiderweb

In recent months we at Ridouts have seen a significant increase in the Care Quality Commission’s use of enforcement action. Providers are approaching us seeking explanations for the serious looking correspondence that has landed on their doorstep. Emblazoned in bold lettering, the headings bear the ominous text “NOTICE OF PROPOSAL TO CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION” or […]

08Feb 2018
The RIdout Report. Spider water drop

As first published in the HSJ Insight and Influence Channel. We are in mid-Winter.  We were told the NHS was never better prepared.  A significant ‘flu “epidemic”, relatively unusual cold conditions and a difficult Christmas (most of which were unpredictable) have all intervened. Confidence has been shattered.  We have all viewed images, designed to be […]

05Jan 2018
The RIdout Report. RedMarble

CQC’s Strategy for 2016 to 2021 sets out four priorities it will focus on in order to achieve a more targeted, responsive and collaborative approach to regulation, so more people get high-quality care.  One of those four priorities is to “deliver an intelligence-driven approach to regulation”. CQC hopes, that by being more intelligence-driven, it will […]

11Dec 2017
The RIdout Report. LeafPatern

CQC claim to now have a handle on the quality of care provision provided in the UK; however this is on the presumption that the inspections it conducts provide it with accurate conclusions.  I write from the perspective of a trainee solicitor who has sight of what would appear to be those providers CQC views […]

17Jul 2017
The RIdout Report. Spider water drop

CQC have recently completed the inspections of some 24,000 different locations providing adult social care.  It published its State of Adult Social Care report covering 2014 to 2017 and clearly feels empowered and emboldened to draw conclusions from the inspections it has conducted.  Nursing Homes are singled out for particular mention in the report with […]

05Jun 2017
The RIdout Report. Windy Dandelions.

In March, the Law Commission delivered its final recommendations on reforming the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs) system. This came after the Commission concluded the current system was “in crisis” and needed to be replaced “as a matter of pressing urgency”. The name being suggested for the reformed system is “Liberty Protection Safeguards”. Understandably, providers […]

08May 2017
The RIdout Report. Ice Frozen

At the March 2017 CQC Board Meeting the consultation on ‘Registering the Right Support’ guidance was highlighted by a Board member as a document setting “out very specific conditions under which [CQC] would register housing for people with learning disabilities so there couldn’t be more than…five or six people in a unit.  [CQC] said you […]