The Standard of Homecare Help Condemned

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An independent report published by the consumer group Which? has labelled the standards of care for elderly people receiving care in their home as “shocking and disgraceful”.

The care has been described as rushed and inadequate, with some home visits being missed completely without any advanced warning.

Other cases demonstrated elderly people being left in soiled beds, food left out of reach and medication not being administered appropriately.  Although there were also examples of excellent care, the findings demonstrated that too many elderly people are being provided with sub-standard care and there has been a call for reforms to the system.

The executive director of Which?, Richard Lloyd, said “the government can no longer claim to be shocked as report after report highlights the pitiful state of care for older people.”  He further stated that “If they are serious about ensuring vulnerable people are treated with dignity, then we must see real action because every day they delay is another day older people risk being neglected.”

This research highlights the crisis the country is facing in providing quality care for the elderly and further builds on research published in relation to improving dignity in care.  As funding is only likely to be cut further by councils the situation is likely to get worse.

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